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Tactical Sling Adapters

Tactical Sling Adapters

GRSC, Inc (Ed Verdugo) is the contract manufacturer and the original designer of the patented receiver end-plate-style tactical sling adapters. These adapters have a proven track record for both sales and performance.  Our adapters are currently in use by our Military Units and have withstood the test of combat. Grsc, Inc. is the supplier for many of the big name vendors who carry these adapters.

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ARA-R-A2 Adapter

Model No. ARA-R-A2,
Patent No.6,325,258
Fits full A2 Stocks, right or left handed.
MSRP $32.00 ea. plus $1.50 S&H


Model No. CAR-A
Patent No. 6,325,258 
MSRP $15.00 ea. plus $1.50 S&H.


Model No. CAR-A-2H -- Patent No. 6,325,258 
MSRP $15.00 
plus $1.50 S&H

Model No. CAR-AMBI -- Patent No. D495870
MSRP $15.00 
plus $1.50 S&H


CARA-2S GRSC 870-A Rear Adapter

Model No. CARA-2S
MSRP $15.00 
plus $1.50 S&H

Model No. 870-A Rear Sling Adapter for 870 Shotgun
MSRP $25.00 plus $1.50 S&H

Do not use HK style snap hooks on our adaptors. These snap hooks do not have a locking gate and can become detached from the sling mount during use.


Our high quality adapters are made from 1050 high-carbon steel and heat-treated to AUS RC 44-48.  The adapters are Parkerized, and then nicely finished with a very durable Mil-Spec Powder Coating. These adapters are manufactured here in the and are not the unlicensed inferior-quality imports you may have seen.  Our adapters come with a money back guarantee.  If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our adapters, simply return them to GRSC, Inc. for a prompt refund.

Tactical Sling Adapters